Where to Start

It's been devastating to be sitting around and watching everything fail.  It's not necessarily a surprise that a huge part of our society has been living in precarity and that the government has failed to protect the vulnerable.

For specifics, read this entire tweet thread for a roundup of what's happening within largely Black and Brown and indigenous communities, not to mention the homeless, those deemed essential workers, the incarcerated, as well as rural communities:

If anything, this thread is a great frame for understanding both the state of the country as well as its history.

On top of that, we're seeing a blend of corruption and incompetence from the Federal government actually competing with rather than assisting States for critical resources:

Click through the thread to read primary sources

There is a lot that needs to change, and those in a position of power (governments and the wealthy) have the most leverage to enact systemic change, quickly.  But, it will require a reframing:

That is, ensuring that the entire population has access to affordable, if not free, healthcare, or guaranteeing that wage workers have access to paid sick leave isn't about creating a handout or an entitlement.  Rather, it's about ensuring the health of the entire system, and preserving our national security (in addition to being the morally and ethical right thing to do).  And for those with excess capital, how can your portfolio continue to grow if, there's a stark reduction in the number of viable markets?