The Live Cider Retrospective Episode!

Friends, Backers & (for probably the first time ever) Orbital Members, Orbital Studios Alumni and SVA IxDAlums all in the same room.

The Live Cider Retrospective Episode!

Thanks to everyone who came out this week for the live recording of our 12th and Final Episode of the I Drink Two Beers and Try to Tell You How To Run Your Company. With that, the recording of Season 1 is officially wrapped!

Thanks also to all of our podcast sponsors: Twilio, Sendgrid, Skillshare and Gumroad, and especially to our drink sponsor for the evening, Descendant Cider!

As you can see, the cider was a hit. Thanks, Descendant Cider!

Earlier this week, we also launched Episode 1, so we also took the opportunity to give the audience a preview of the rest of Season 1.

Here’s what’s in store for Season 1!

Each episode covers a question of interest for Merit, and while we spend most of our time with Merit’s co-founders, Kirk Fernandes and Randy Brown, we also bring on a bunch of special guests. I can’t wait for y’all to hear it. (Related, I wrote a bit about who this is for here: Welcome to Season 1)

Episode 12, our final episode, is a Retrospective on all of Season 1. Photo courtesy Daani Sarma.

Given that, it only made sense for our final episode to be a retrospective on the entire season. Randy, Kirk and I talked about what went well, what could’ve been improved, what we learned from each other, and then took a few questions from the audience. This episode should come out in a few months, and I can’t wait for y’all to hear it.

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Meet Randy Brown and Kirk Fernandes, the co-founders of Merit, our focus for Season 1.

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And, if you’d like more background on how this whole project came together, check out, Some Personal News, linked below. Thanks!

Some Personal News
Randy (left) sharing takeaways with Kirk (right) and me (center). Photo by Coleen Baik.

Photos of Gear

We used the Zoom H6 to record all of our episodes this season including the live episode and it’s an incredibly versatile device. Highly recommend!
At Orbital we also have a Block Party Live, thanks to Tash Wong, which is also an incredibly versatile device. Also highly recommend.
We haven’t over optimized for sound proof booths. Every episode was recorded at Orbital, all but one were recorded on FL2.