Last Lecture

It's May, which amongst other things means that we're in "last lecture" season.

For teachers, it's an incredibly special moment—you're in the home stretch of the semester and there's an extra energy boost you get in terms of thinking about how to best close out the collective journey you've been on with your students.

After all that you've been through, what do you want to leave them with?  What hasn't yet been said?

Yesterday, I stumbled upon this lecture by Professor Derek Cabrera, who teaches Systems Thinking (amongst other things) at Cornell.

Given the pandemic, his last lecture was broadcast via Zoom, and I caught hold of it via this tweet from Marci Harris:

If you've been thinking about how to make sense of the world we now live in, it's a really wonderful talk.  There are some gems including the "Chinese Farmer" story which my friend Kenyatta Cheese recently shared with me.

Here's a video to the talk, along with a transcript and slides available here.