$1,000 Projects from our 2018 Entrepreneurial Design class

Christina Xu leading the students through an ideation exercise early in the semester.

My partner Christina Xu and I are coming to the end of another year of teaching Entrepreneurial Design at SVA IxD, and the students just a few days left on their $1K Challenge campaigns.

There are some lovely projects here and I encourage you to take a look and become a backer if you are so inclined. You hold the key to making a grad student happy today:

Christina and I have been teaching together for the past 5 years, and for this latest iteration, we actually scrapped everything and redesigned the course from scratch. We’re looking forward to writing up some of the lessons learned, frameworks and principles we’ve developed, but in the meantime, all I’ll say is that it feels like the course has grown up.

Each project is clearly tied to a community of relevance for the student, and if you click through and read the projects and watch the videos, you’ll see that there is a tremendous amount of heart carried through in the work.

For background, here’s how some of the students arrived at their respective projects — this will also give you a glimpse into some of our teaching changes: