On the one hand, it’s crazy that I haven’t blogged in almost a year, but on the other hand it’s not.

Last Fall began a process of re-evaluating everything and putting in place a plan forward, which included a longer time cycle of operating.

I’m starting to complete that now, and it’s been a very productive 6 months since my last public appearance in January, with a semester at SVA and multiple new programs at Orbital.  The good news is that there’s a path forward, which is nice to know given that I had committed to a 3-year lease extension at the beginning of the year on faith.

Thankfully, the hackNY folks invited me to meet the fellows again and that ended up being a good forcing function for reframing the work I do at Orbital and putting together some sort of coherent mid-year progress report.  When you don’t have a boss, it’s great to have milestones, and talks like these are valuable catalysts for reflection.

I’ll eventually get around to cleaning up the talk and posting it, but for now I thought I’d share the list of references I put together for the fellows, so that they can dive deeper as desired.

It was an absolute pleasure to meet the hackNY fellows–they continue to be an incredibly thoughtful and engaging group, and I look forward to following their next steps.



On Learning

On Producing

On Power

Letters for Black Lives

Designing Networks

Broader Context


Bonus Stuff that I didn’t talk about but is worth looking at: